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Nkeme Foundation

Our aim is to support the economic and social development in rural areas of developing countries.

Our mission is to build sustainable community, by helping farmers live from the fruit of their labor. In parallel to this mission, our activities are intended to create jobs and to fight against child labor.

Our objective: the creation of viable enterprises For that, the Nkeme Foundation is working on several projects, among which: the creation of a cassava production plant in Bafia (Cameroon), a clothing factory, and industrial carpentry.

Enterprises against poverty

The cassava Plant

The municipality of Kiiki is one of the most importants partners in our efforts to create a tool to help local farmers and more broadly to help the local population. Thanks to the plant, some wiil  find jobs, others a viable economic outlet for their crops.

Commitment to the social economy

Signing of the constitution of the AISBL INISE in Brussels on february 27th, 2013, by Maître Wets, Notary in Brussels and Marie Belek, Managing Director of the Private Foundation Nkeme.

Our partners in Cameroon

Our french support (Intelstrat), during an economic mission to Cameroon, with our local partners, in the presence of the representative of FAO in Cameroon, Mr Ngue Bissa and his staff. The Municipality of Kiiki was also represented.

Collaboration with Barka Foundation

Maître Wets office: signature by Ewa Sadowska, Chief Executive Officer of the UK Barka Foundation. A Foundation with which we collaborated for this project.

A decent wage for a parent contributes to fight against child labor




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