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Cassava sector in Cameroon and in Sub-Region

The Nkeme Foundation aims to support economic and social development of rural areas in Africa. Its missions:

  • Help farmers sustain from their work and and production.
  • Create jobs: we develops projects able to combine our goals. The "cassava factory" in Bafia will genarate more than 600 direct jobs and thousands of indirects.
  • Food security
  • improvement of living and working conditions
  • Confortable profitability for the investor.

Processing & Packaging Cassava Plant

Chalenges incountered:

  • Lack of appropriate equipment for agricultural supply, because of limited financial resources.
  • Lack of expertise on selected plant materials. Often, farmers are not aware of material and tools that could incrise their productivity.
  • Lack of a reliable logistics system for the distribution of crops to commercial and processing places.

Artisanal processing of a cor crops. Working conditions of farmers have change very little.The Foundation, with its partners, would provide a minimun of automation of certain task, wile insure maximum employment.

Assistance to farmers

Distribution of selected plant material to farmers: with the support of IARD (Institute of Agricultural Research for Development), we selected the necessary vegetal materials needed for our production.

Technical and economic supervision: our agronomists follow step by step our farmers-suppliers, to train them to the sector practices.We propose to them a voluntary savings system with the collaboration of locals banks.

The plant insure to them the purchase of all their harvest. We call it "Planté-vendu" (planted-sold).
The farmers harvest will covert part of the needed raw materials for processing. We also organise the logistic to ensure timely the collection of cassava.

Job creation

The implanting of the plant genarates employment in large scale. We give equitable and fair salaries to our emplyees and collaborators. As for farmers, we offer savings system. To make live easier for mother who want to work with us, a nursery within the plant will take care of non school-age children. To take into consideration, other indirect jobs such as the transport, gastronomy, schools, real estate... genarated by the presence of this industrial activity.

The implantation of the plant generates direct employment (approx. 60 the fist year) and indirect (nearly 2500) in the large scale.




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